Reflection: Connecting and Combining


This video was by far my most favorite as it encompassed almost everything we have taken in class so far which is why it reminded me of this quote by Aristotle. The speaker was so insightful and managed to incorporate al our learnings into one simple model she calls “The innovation Engine”. The innovation engine is broken down into two main parts, the internal and external environment. Right from the very start we can see that her model looks upon creativity from more than one perspective which is in itself one of the most important aspects of creativity. Her engine consists of 6 main factors, imagination, Knowledge, and attitude (internal),Habitat, Resources and Culture (External). The internal aspects mainly look up on how we ourselves see the world around us and how we can initiate creativity from within. These concepts connect with a lot of our in class discussions. First of all, while speaking of imagination, the speaker initiates the idea of connecting and combining ideas, which is very similar to convergent thinking which we discussed thoroughly in class. In addition she speaks of the phrasing and rephrasing of the question, the same as we are doing in our own projects in order to generate creative responses to our problem. Also, in Knowledge, she says we must look at things carefully and see them for their potential as opposed to their purpose. Similarly to what we studied in class, we look at objects and think of “what it is” rather than “what it could be”. External factors mainly look at what influences and what can aid creativity from an external perspective. The external factors also connect a lot with what we studied in class. For example our first blog post was about school killing creativity and through the video she reflects over this very same fact. The organization all the way to the actual questions cause creativity to begin to diminish until we are filtered out as robots. As well as this idea of the importance of habitat, resources is a vital factor we studied in class. Looking at our natural resources, like the garbage the speaker talked about, and turning anything negative to a positive allows us a limitless pool of creativity. Finally overall, the engine also shows similar characteristics to the model of “the six thinking hats”. Same as how to succeed in creative thinking all six thinking hats must be used, all of the internal and external factors must be used in order to achieve complete creative thinking. Also the speaker mentions that you can start anywhere, in both, and in all cases of creativity, simply the only way to start is by choosing to.

3 thoughts on “Reflection: Connecting and Combining

  1. From your reflection ,i recognized that we followed these steps without taking care.That means that these are very essential processes in order to reach our target.

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